A message from the Starfish

This is the first of more to come guest blogs of my friend and Animal Communicator Lyn Hurren from Canada, with the messages she is getting from the Animal Kingdom that we all need to hear:

Hi my name is Lyn and I have been involved and around animals all of
my life.
I have been doing Animal Communication for about 4 years now and I also do Animal Iridology, Animal Massage, Energy Healing, as well as Pendulum work.

Recently I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people and that has lead to more growth with our incredible world and what is here!

I have recently read a book on Whale Communication and also ordered the E Learning book from the authors.
I sat down with a friend of mine and we listened to the first 2 chapters the first day. The E Learning book is about different types of whales & dolphins and how to communicate with them.

After watching the first two chapters of the E book we decided to have dinner.
Both of us were puttering and all of a sudden I had the thought of Energy Lines!
I thought okay…..then it came to me that the world is full of more energy lines than we know about! With these energy lines the animals (land, water and air) get around.
They follow these lines and when these lines are disturbed the animals can
go off track!
They use the energy lines for migration, food etc.

I was in Port Alberni which is a beautiful port city on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and I decided to go to the water’s edge to do a communication with any animals that wanted to chat. I was hoping for a glimpse of Giggles who is a whale that is a friend and so much fun to talk to……
Instead, that day, I did receive a quick message from Giggles but I also spoke to several animals in the area and they had profound messages for everyone.

The communication is a long one and so I will save that for another day but I will share with you come fun information that I have received.

I was going along recently and all of a sudden the word Starfish came to my mind. This is what I received;

Starfish, they are the stars in the oceans, like the stars in our night skies.
Starfish are guardians.
The message that I received from one starfish was;” We are like the stars in your night sky…. as you look at the stars in the night sky, you smile and when people see us, they smile “.
Ambassadors! We Are!!!
Be of Joy!
A feeling of warmth – a hug all over, feel buoyant, water is a blanket to hug.
Dolphin energy ROCKS!

We feel your energy – Send love, live with love.
Seaweed is sea garland, used for celebration of life!

In talking to a few people we all feel that the topic of the energy
Lines are important, and the repeated message, from ALL, is to send love, send healing energy, together we can heal 🙂

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