In our monthly Writer’s Cirlce last week, Kathy came up with the challenging writing exercise to spend 10 minutes speed writing about the subject “Resolution” and to write it on dialogue.
Below are my five minutes and I thought that if I blog it, it has to “be continued”….

“Wake up. Wake up. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake uuuuup!”, a soft voice was sounding in my head. I turned around only to find no one else awake. Just two sleeping dogs on the floor and one snoring husband on my right.

I closed my eyes.

“Waaaaaake uuuuup!”

I sat up straight, putting my feet on the cold floor and there was the voice again;
“Finally! Now put your coat on, grab a cuppa and meet me outside!”

Where the heck did this voice come from? So clear it was too.

I found myself fumbling through the dark in the kitchen, getting a tea mug out of the cupboard, talking out loud in a muffled voice;
“Who are you? Why can I not just go back to bed? What is this crazy stuff going on here?”

Kettle boiled. Tea, honey and milk mixing in the mug and I have gloves, boots, down coat and a beanie covering me and my PJ’s up.

Out on the terrace I speak out towards the dark night;
“OK, you’ve got me out here. What do you want now?, and as I did I realized I was actually not irritated, but curious.
“I am here, to your right”.

I look to the right.
White snow, fir trees in the back where the forests meets the fields, a bright starry sky above and … two yellow eyes staring right at me.

“Uh!” I jump up, spilling hot tea all over my new boots. “Shit!”
Right there is a huge white wolf staring right at me, two smaller grey ones by its side.

The eyes look deep into mine and then towards the fields.
“Let’s go for a walk”.

“A walk”, I say. “The snow is 70 cm deep. Are you out of your mind? A walk?”

– Is that a sigh I detect from grey wolf # I?
“get your darn ski’s out then and ski along.”

“This is totally insane, completely nuts, I am not here, I am not awake, this is not happening”, I hear myself saying as I muck about the mess in the garage to find my red cross country ski’s at 3 in the morning.
“Oh yes it is, and oh no you are not”.

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