Nicky´s sweet advice


Well, this is a teeny-tiny little post but I just had to share it.
A piece of advice from one dog to her person as part of her personal message during one of the Animal Communcation Beginners workshops last month, which I think we can all take to heart:

” Heart to the belly, belly to the heart.
Feed love, love feeds”.


The world is a ball

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This afternoon we took our yoga practice outside, to the park a few blocks away from Lisette´s studio.

The spring has been hiding behind dark clouds, heavy raindrops and cold winds for weeks, so today when the sun greeted us with heart warming warmth we could do nothing less than greet it back. Outdoors.

So, off to the Ripperda Park we went, with Freya, Lisette´s always-happy English cocker spaniel in tow.

As we sat in the deep grass meditating to the sound of the soft wind, mixed with incoming trains and planes Freya was doing her “run around with the ball dance” and you could feel her joy and happiness swirling around us, closing us into her circle of abundant joy which she finds in every moment anew.

At one point during our asana practice, Freya was rolling around under us as we were in Adho Mukha Svanasana, ball one second in her mouth and the next second throwing it herself to run after it and Lisette said with a laugh “it is as if she thinks that the ball is the most important thing in the world”.

A nanosecond before Lisette had finished her sentence out loud, a clear and direct comment came from Freya “but the world is a ball”!
First we smiled about it and then we realized Freya was right. The whole world is our ball! And it is up to us whether we decide to play in the world or just let it sit.

Today Freya taught us the lesson of choosing to see, to notice, to en-joy, to choose ourselves to be there in every moment.

Thank you Freya!

Vi hör ihop

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I april i år (2013) skrev vi hemma hos Lotta, och vårat “10 min speedwriting” tema var “Vi hör ihop”.

Vi hör ihop, vi hör tillsammans,
som baggen och hästen – den ena kliandes med hornen och den andra som regnskydd.

Vi hör ihop, som kuggar i ett hjul. Är den ena lite skev ett tag så jobbar de andra lite extra, och när ”kort-Nilsson” sträckt ut sig igen så är det balanserat ett tag till.

Vi hör ihop – vinter och vår, snö och tö, duggregn och solsken, regnbåge och guld.
Som Snövit och de 7 dvärgarna. Törnrosa och buskarna. Askungen och pumporna.

De allra vildaste tänkbara kombinationerna hör också ihop – det finns alltid en gemensam nämnare.

Månraketer och ubåtar.
Stjärnor och brännmaneter.
Solljus och korall.

Vi hör ihop även när vi känner att vi inte hör ihop.

Ilska förbinder oss. Avundsjuka låter oss sitta fast som en nagelsträng med den vi helst av allt inte vill sitta ihop med.

Hur skulle det egentligen se ut om vi inte klippte av navelsträngen efter födseln?
Om navelsträngen och moderkakan var kvar?
Då skulle vi kunna se med egna ögon det som vi alltför ofta måste lära oss att känna igen, att vi hör ihop.

Och då pratar jag inte bara om humanoid med humanoid.

Tänk på ”navelsträngarna” till all föda vi stoppar i oss, och dess navelsträngar i sin tur vare sig de går till ”mamma” eller Moder Jord.
Snacka om att trassla in sig!
Och att inte kunna röra sig i fritt utan att vara tvungen att röra sig i symbios!

Fast om vi nu skulle börja röra oss i symbios, även om vi bara skulle låtsas först förutifallatt vi inte ens vet vad det är, kommer vi snabbt att se att när vi ej gör det blir det väldigt trassligt.



Joy on four legs,
every day, every single moment, new

Light yellow eyes gazing into my soul,
“do you see me?”
“ I see you!”

When the sun rises you are already there,
jumping on the bed,
your wet, cold nose touching my cheek

my ginger biscuit,
my star,
my Elsa

Gratitude on four legs



One of my Swedish pieces which I tried translating to English just now;

The Earth is not yours,
it is ours.

The Woods are not yours,
they belong to everyone.

The Tundra is not Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian….
it is Wolfarian, Bearian, Reindeerish, Wolverinish…

The Waters do not just refresh you,
they are feeding us all

There are no “lone wolves”,
there are packs

Look into my eyes,
we carry the same soul

Mother Earth

Cecilia Gotherstrom, Dec 2012

Teedy’s Wisdom

As Animal Communicators we regularly practice together, give and follow workshops and have a worldwide community where we share with, and support, each other. One of the practice groups I practice regularly with is our on line group of communicators all around the globe, who all studied with Marta Williams.

Last month Lyn Delaney hosted her deceased bull mastiff Teedy as our practice case for that specific time and during my communication with Teedy earlier this week, she shared some beautiful and profound messages that I, with Lyn’s approval, asked if we could share with the world.

I hope you will enjoy and open your heart to Teedy’s words of wisdom.

Teddy has a cheeky, playful nature and she is a pure, very pure soul, full of love and joy and sharing.
If we could all be like her all would be so much more fun, she says.
In her own words, she elaborates:
“You can be and Love like a mother and play at the same time”.
“Love is not attachment – it is all encompassing, playful and fun.
It is full of grace and wonder.
It is greeting every moment with a sense of wonder, of joy and curiosity”.

She shows me, and simultaneously lets me feel, this, which is hard to describe with words – but her own words written above are ringing and sparkling of the energy as well as the feel of it all.

“Magnanimous Love & Joy” is what she calls it.

May we all experience it,

Thank you, dear Teedy!