Ticks and fleas, no chemicals for our dogs!

Wow Akasha en Elsamerco

I usually don´t promote products, but when I find something really good that actually works it is worth sharing with the rest of the world, right!?

When spring came my husband voiced his concern and said he´d rather not use “the chemical stuff” on our dogs this year against the ticks.
Of course he was right about that as a lot of the stuff we use on our dogs in the Western world against ticks even kills cats – would that not make you wonder what it does to your canine friend then!?

We used a combination of the tips given by Dr. Martin Goldstein in his book ” The Nature of Animal Healing – The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide To Caring For Your Dog And Cat” – where he advices to use garlic and a brewers yeast stupplement in the diet daily and ” Natural Flea And Tick Defense” by Dr. Merocla Healthy Pets which we spray on the fur and massage in twice daily.

It “works like a train”, as they say here in The Netherlands when something is a huge success!

Of course we have the occasional tick here and there some days on the husky ladies, but we had that using the “chemical stuff” too.
Out of 7 days per week that we walk them outside in the woods ( 2-4 times per day), they might have 4 ticks per week between the two of them.

Yes, you might have to pay a customs fee when you order the spray to be shipped outside of the US but it´s all worth it to have our doggie friends happy and clean instead of sluggish from having their bodies spending more time cleaning out toxins than being a dog right?


Bubi´s wisdom

One of the first animals I communicated with as a professional Animal Communicator, and whom I had had the joy of practicing with as well with during my studies with Marta Williams, was Bubi – the wisest little cat I had ever spoken to by then.

She had such a “spot on ” message for the rest of us and it is with the permission of Bubi´s person Majda that I am grateful to be able to share Bubi´s wisdom with the world, in her own words:

“Why are people never content with the way things are, enjoying the day and the moment the way it is?”

There is so much wisdom in that question, and we can really use this question when we catch ourselves complaining, feeling grumpy, impatient and so on.
Even if the answer is that we are in such a horrible situtation that “how can we possibly be content with the way things are right now in this moment”, there is an opening there.

An opening for the next question: “What do I need to be content in this very moment?” “Is there one little thing in this very moment that I can be grateful or content about?”

Thank you Bubi for leading the way!

Swedish / Djupa Vatten


Djupa vatten, mörka världar,
ovetandet simmar i djupet…
Eller är det undermedvetandet?
Allra längst ner, på det allra djupaste stället, där finns egentligen vetandet.

Vetandet som breder ut sig som sammet – djup, mjuk, mörk, med gnistrande diamanter, reflekterande stjärnljuset tusentals mil ovan.
Eller är det verkligen så långt borta?

Är det kanske så att den djupa stjärnhimlen och den sammetsbeklädda havsbotten reflekterar varandra?
Precis som du, jag, skeenden reflekterar varandra i denna dans som vi kallar livet?

När vi låter oss sjunka med, in i, dansen, ner i de djupa vattnen, förbi vågorna, krusningarna på ytan , ner igenom ytströmmarna dalandes vidare i underströmmarna, observerandes allt som ligger där och flyter, det som ibland förs med upp till ytan i ett ögonblick – observerandes det utan att dras med i varken denna underström eller ytströmmen – , långsamt, sakta och mjukt sjunkandes ner till den sammetsprydda stilla botten av oceanen. När vi medvetet låter oss föras dit ser vi hela universum reflekteras tillbaka.
Eller är havsbottnen, en reflektion av universum?

Vem är vem?

A Street Cat Named Bob

Bob 2Bob
Ok, I never thought I´d write about books on this blog – but hey, you should never think “never”, right!?
And why not, there are so many great books out there, plus I really feel we should be sharing the great things around us instead of just listening to the glooming news on the TV, radio and online.

So, here´s a book for everyone out there – cat lovers, animal lovers in general and anyone who just loves to read a good book.

A Street Cat Named Bob is about, and written by, James Bowen. He lets us into his life on as well as just off the streets. Something most of us would never get to read about, as who would ever have thought about pitching a book about that subject?

James says more than once that Bob saved his life, and when you read the book you realize that it was not only Bob who saved James – it was the other way around as well.

What I love most about this book is the genuine connection between animal and human, pictured in day to day life, in a much harsher day to day life than most of us are used to or could imagine – and you feel the connection, the strengthening of the bond in every word, on every page.

It is just a really, really good read and so, so genuine (yes, I know I have used that word twice now, it really is the word describing this book the strongest way – genuine, genuine, genuine). It teaches us to live with gratitude and the importance of bonding with our teachers the animals, what they can teach us and how they can guide us to change into the best people we can possibly be.

Thank you James, and thank you Bob for letting us into your lives and sharing your wisdom!

Oh yes, they understand

001 (29)

Yesterday we were in Elswout for a long walk with our dear husky ladies, enjoying the coolness of the shade in between the magic trees in this the most beautiful oasis outside Haarlem.

At the end of the walk we ended up next to the deer, where on a sunny Sunday in the middle of summer you always have plenty of families with very young children checking the deer out.

There were quite some fawns born the past week and two adorable ones were pretty close to the fence, checking the kids out with the same curiousity they kids checked them out.

All of a sudden one of the children´s mother said;
“They are soooooooooooo cute, right!?”

Her daughter tilted her curly blond little head towards her and said “yes, mum” as her brother was breaking off twigs to feed the doe and her friends.

“Should we take them home?” mum asked – and that very second the four doe´s and two bucks jumped up, turned around and chased the fawns off to the middle of the field.

“Oh my G, what happened” mum said, looking puzzled.
“I have no clue” dad replied, and they were both shaking their heads.

Yeah, what happened?
Animals listen…..



I was making my afternoon tea as usual on a regular afternoon as there was a barking from a female dog travelling in through the wide open sliding doors of our balcony.
It was not a happy bark.
I had heard it the evening before as well, and the day before that in the afternoon too.
It was clearly a female dog on heat, being followed by the barking of the male dog the neighbours had, and whom somebody had decided should mate with this female.
The thing was though, she so clearly said “no” – for hours it felt like.
In between the “I want, I want” of the male dog and the “no f….ing way” of the female dog barks going on there was the laughter and cosiness of “hanging out” from the humans in the same garden.
I got really worked up of the ignorance of us, the human race, while making my tea.
It was so obvious to me that this female dog did not want to have any offspring from or with this male dog, and it was also not going to happen as she was making it very, very clear.

Instead of separating these two dogs, the humans were hanging out enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon and evening in the garden – totally oblivious about the stress both dogs were in.
The male dog totally stressed out by his hormones and the proximity of the female on heat. The female dog totally stressed out as she had to be on edge, bark and snap constantly.

One part of me just wanted to walk over there and ask them what they were up to, how could they not react to these two beings in stress .The other part was struggling with what I struggle with for quite a while now since I got into this work as an Animal Communicator- which is that reality is that most people just don´t know that or see their animals as the equal beings they are in our households and lives.

In the meantime both dogs were kept in a state of stress we would not want to experience ourselves.

A few days later I learned that this was the third male this female had said “no” to.
So – no offspring.

Before you decide to breed with your animal, even with the best intentions, do take the time to check in with your animal on what he/she wants. An Animal Communicator can be of very valuable assistance next to the necessary guidance and checks from your veterinarian in this process, to find out what partner your animal would want to breed with and most importantly of all if he/she is ready for it or not.

My Middle Earth


During our Writer´s Circle in June at Kathy´s in The Hague we got “My Middle Earth / My Perfect World” as our subject for our 10 minute speed writing excercise at the beginnig of our writing get together.
This is what came out from my pen…..
to be continued…..

Tentacles grew out of blue, yellow and green stars when Jorden was created.
They all had their different gifts and properties which were tangled into the creation of this mysterious, beautiful, mist filled planet.
Sparkles of love, joy and music showered down from the velvety heavens.
Bundles of warmth, compactness and diversity swirled around her – encompassing her with their rays.
From inside the core the tentacles started infusing wisdom, search and silence.
And in between, inside and surrounding all of this the whispers of the Great Mystery were planted.

Once completed – although completed is a word which does not do justice as She is bustling with movement, adventure and cocooning on all planes, continuously – the stars withdrew.
From above, below and around they stayed at a distance, watching, beaming and ever present.

There was a small, silver blue lake at the bottom of a steep hill. To one side of it the majestic mountains of Theo were towering towards the glimmering heights, being reflected in the water.
On one side of the lake lay a forest of old oak trees and young willows, all flowing with the winds. Sometimes you could hear a faint laughter coming out of the depths of the woods.
On the other side, a sea of green and flowers in all shades of blue, moss and pink were spreading towards the horizon of Eternity.

Cecilia Götherström, 12/6 2013