For the first of our 10-minute speed writing sessions with our Writer´s Circle in The Hague this month, the subject we wrote about was “leaf”. Below is my contribution;

Leaf, leaf, leaf…

Why did I become a leaf?

Was it so that I could experience the breaking of the bud, so that I could unfold myself, stretch myself out and catch that first ray of sunshine, feel that first drop of rain on my oily skin?

Did I become a leaf to be fed to the goats at the kids “play zoo”, to go through the process of becoming manure in a pile where abundant yellow flowers grow?

Was it my fate as a leaf to be dried and rolled into incense, to be crumbled up in a pipe and smoked to the gods or to be soaked in hot water to soothe the palate of kings?

Me being a leaf, did it have anything to do with changing colours like the chameleon – not to blend into the background but to shine in the autumnal symphony of red, brown, gold and auburn?

Why did I become a leaf?

Was it to experience that surge of freedom once you really let go with all that you have, falling off that branch you call home, where you thought you were born – taking a deep breath as you snap into the unknown, facing a moment of fear only to realize that the Wind lets you sail and soar simultaneously until you hit the ground, softly.

There you lay; fulfilled, exhaling deeply, sinking into the very Earth you once came from, withering, decomposing, melting into oneness.

Is that why I became a leaf?

Cecilia Götherström , October 2013

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