Akasha´s weekly message 6/2 2017


 – So, my dear, my heart, my soul, my purpose, my deepest love, my reason for existence – what is your message , what would you like to share this week?

There is no message. That is the message. When you are not listening you cannot hear the message, so if you are not listening there is no message. Who IS really listening?

Who IS really asking?

Who really wants to know?

These are the questions you need to ask yourselves initially. Ask yourself ”Who is listening”? And wait for the answer. Wait till you really hear it. Wait. Listen. If you don´t hear it, keep listening! Now you are on to something 😉 …

Then ask yourself  ”Who is really asking?” Who is? Listen. Wait. Write it down. Understand. Turn it around. Up and Down. Inside Out. Look at it from all directions. From all dimensions.  Who is really asking?

Then you can ask ”who really wants to know?”. And let me know once you´ve got the answer to that one ;-)!


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