Dec 14th, The Promise, Part 14


Underneath the star covered sky we stared in to the darkness. The darkness intensified by the glowing stars, the light intensified by the darkness.

Orion had begun his walk across the heavens, followed by his canines. Ursa Major was climbing gently upwards.

Our whole intervowen clan was gathered. All of us who had journeyed together to this point together with all of those who had welcomed us in to the mountain, to the Upper Glacier, right here at the top of the icy crown.

As we looked up towards the sparkling sky something started moving. Out of Ursa Major, the body of a large bear started taking shape. She floated out of the star cluster like a hologram, drifting closer. Followed by another bear, and another, and another. Mother Bear. Father Bear. Little Bear. Grandfather Bear.

”Gentle beings”, Mother Bear spoke. ”You are about to receive The Medicine of the Bear. The Medicine of the the one walking long distances, of the one with swimming powers, of the one with the paws connected deep into the roots of the earth while living in the celestial legends. The Medicine of the one who masters the powers of fight, rest, sleep and awakening, of playing and teaching. The strongest Medicine in the universe as you know it now. It will lead you in to, and be your constant companion in, the universe you are about to become. Welcome.”

A falling star.

Father Bear inhaled, icy smoke coming out of his jaws as he looked us all in the eyes one by one. ” You know the eyes are the doors to the soul. But did you know the heart is the portal ? You can only receive the Medicine of the one you are about to become through unlocking the doors first. The doors open the portal. Yet the doors and the portal are not separate from each other. Once the eyes are truly unlocked the force opening the heart is directed with a power as strong as the sword of Merlin.”

Little Bear moved closer. Curled up in between Mother Bear and Father Bear.

Gazing up towards Ursa Major I saw more hologram bears pouring out – Brown Bear, Red Bear, Spirit Bear, Polar Bear, Raccoon, Black Bear, many, many more. They all carried the same eyes, moving in their own flows.

The Samoyeds started their drumming. The wolves and huskies tuned in with their howling. Both drumming and howling coming from deep below, inside the mountain, inside the heart of this very glacier-carrying granite and moonstone giant.

Something else moved across the sky, as if riding on The Milky Way.

– Cecilia Götherström, Dec 14th 2018

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