Dec 15th, The Promise, Part 15


He touched down in front of us. The snow made little sweeping crystal clouds as he placed his staff on the glacier floor.

”Holy schmooly Ravensh….t”, Raven was jumping up and down, waving her wings. ” I know Christmas time is family time but I never expected this!”

Wizard stepped up to greet him.
”Brother dear, so merry to see you! No way would I take this journey without you!”

If White Wizards beard was white this guy´s beard was superdupermegaextra white. And looooooong. He looked pretty scruffy at first glance. You could see he travelled far and often, taking care of himself but not his clothes. There was something very, very warm and intense about him. Grandfatherly but larger, stronger. Like he was Grandpa to all of us.

He reached out his hand towards White. She soared over the frozen snow to greet him. He kneeled down to hug her.
”White, my heart, my soul, my dearest one in the whole wide gårds of all, how precious to see you again.”
White curled her head against his chest, dug her nose in under his arm. The giant white wolf becoming absorbed in his being, in his energy.
I thought to myself ” ”My heart, my soul”, that is what I usually call White. How can this possible?”

The two ravens tagging along with the ancient wizard came over to see me.

”It is because he has been calling you”, the first one croaked. ”For years and years.
”It is because we are all connected”, the second one filled in. ”just like the trees told you, like White´s always been saying, like Fox has told, like anyone and everyone else right here right now of this clan knows. He is one of the stringbinders weaving us together. Silver are his strings, gold are hers and White walks between the two.”

The Cold Mountain Trolls and The Higher Silver Alves had shown us the golden braids Mother Earth spun for all her children. The starry sky was covered with the silver weaves of Father Sky they had pointed out. The trees connected, they had told. White walks in beauty, keeping it all concious, they had explained.

So was this Father Sky? Was this… AllFather? Odin?

”Oh dear” the ancient one laughed. ”Time to once and for all cross out these pages in all these books. Yes, Odin is the name I go by. No, AllFather I am not. I am the travelling one, the knowing one, the wizard. Some call me the shaman. The noadi. I am the one speaking the same language as all the worlds in one tongue – sky, earth, fourleggeds, swimmers, winged ones, spirit people, folks in between the energies, the energies themselves. I am the ancient magic Wizard here for All. There is no Pantheon, there is no hierarchy. There is just this. Us. All. Father. Mother. Brother. Sister. Son. Daughter. Friend. I am.”

– Cecilia Götherström, 15 December 2018

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