Dec 17th, The Promise, Part 17


Silence. This silence. Nothing. There is basically nothing to hear. Until you listen.

Wings of birds moving from twig to twig. The gripping of their claws as they change branches for the sake of…. I don’t know.

“Wouuufff!” A tiny little bark coming from in between the pinetrees. Two little white cubs and one reddish are rolling out from underneath the brush, peeking towards me, their eyes gleaming. The fluffiest one seems to be the leader. She comes closer, puts her paw on my ankle where I sit, cross legged in the snow surrounded by pinecones and moonstones.

“That’s the problem dear human spirit,” she says. “The “for the sake of”. With that still in your system your kind will always be blocked, if even just a little for some of you. How can you ignite your soul-spark for the New Earth if there needs to be a reason for everything? Reason lives in the head. The New Earth lives in the heart.”

The other two pups came closer.

“And the easiest way to get there is through…. Plaaaaay!” they howled in unison as they grabbed one of my lovikavantar, dashing off in between the trees.

They had me run after them, roll down snowy hills together, dig down under the pinetrees, throw snowballs and pinecones for them to catch, run around the skirts of the trees, roaring with laughter as we all were trying to catch our breath. After some time we all crashed in a pile in a glade between the trees overlooking the banks of the watercourse further down.

There we sat again. Content. Just listening to the falling of the snow. Large, soft snowflakes floating to the ground. Fluffiness spreading all around us.

“Look. Look into the snow. Into the crystals”, the little reddish cub whispes , soaking me in her yellow eyes.

The more I focus on just watching the snowflakes effortlessly falling through the air, the clearer everything feels. Between the beautiful, ornate parts of the crystals there is space. Space filled with music of the softest, gentlest harp. I can see the snow fairies weaving the flakes through filling the space with their enchanted music. Deep within every part, every little mosaic piece which fabricates the snowflake, a little glittery heart beating. Every time the heart beats silvery dust spreads with a puff.

“Everything breathes. Everything has a heart. Everything emanates from love. Seeing it opens you to feeling it. And it works the other way around too. When you feel it, you need to open your eyes wide to see what it is you really feel. Go with the expansion. Let go of all you know. Take in what is flowing your way.” Fox sighs as she places herself next to us in the snow.

The sound of White´s paws heading our way.

Cecilia Götherström, Dec 17th 2018

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