Sudden Changes in Behavior

A must read for all dog people out there, plus all vets and animal communicators too!

Wilde About Dogs

I recently received an email asking for a training referral. The sender had two senior dogs, and the younger of the two was suddenly attacking the older one. There had been problems between the two when they were young, but they’d been getting along for many years. While I did find a trainer for the woman in her city, I also advised her to take both of the dogs in for a complete veterinary exam.

You might be thinking Hmm,
a sudden behavior change
could be
linked to aggressive behavior, but why would she need to take
both dogs in? Surely, it’s only the younger one who needs to be seen. While it’s
true that the dog who is displaying the aberrant behavior should be thoroughly
checked, sometimes the reason the dog has suddenly become aggressive is because
the other dog, unbeknownst to the owner, is ill. Think about…

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