Dec 20th, The Promise, Part 20


“Melvinia, come walk with me.” White called me from a distance.

I’d been following a trail of nothingness. Loving the quiet, the soft stacking of the falling snow. Listening to the wind caressing the pines. Inhaling cool, crisp winter air. Following the scent of promise. In the outskirts of the moving pack, somehow intimidated by the inner wolfness I was feeling. The sense of freedom, belonging, power, knowing, of this being my home was so strong I just did not know what to do with it.

“That’s it”, White filled in as she of course was in my mind just like I was in the mind of the whole pack. “You don’t have to do anything with it. You already are it. So, that is what you do. You just are it. Power, freedom, knowing. Always held, always connected, by us, with us, by and with the everything-ness that sometimes feels like nothingness. Space. Space. Space. Freedom to move in that space. To be in that space.”

She stopped.

“Can you see behind us? The gentle tracks we’d all left being snowed away as we take it all in. Look in front of you. No tracks. We leave traces in the past. Some might follow them. We cannot count for their intention, be they in awe or hunters. We can be all that we are in the here and now. In this space. As we are moving through this vastness of woodlands, mountains, waterways, we are freedom. This vastness is in your heart-diamond. You need to care for both.”

She looked me deep in the eyes and continued as the falling snow was getting denser.

“You made a promise once, down at the lake. To heed the call of the wild. To never let this mountainous vastness disappear. Because you are it. We are it. None of us are separate from this – you least of all dear child. By caring for, listening to, howling with the diamond in your heart you are fulfilling that promise. There is no turning back now. You know that. I know that. We are all carrying our heart-diamonds, our promises, through the gateway tomorrow at the full moon. Our song will transform any leftover fragments of fears not removed by Bear Medicine. Our anthem will convert what is left in to gold and amber. To the light which will shine from the New Sun revolving with the New Earth.”

My love. My heart. My soul. My White.

Her words spoke space in my chest, in my throat. Space filling with the song of the Earth coming out from underneath my paws, vibrating through all of us, filling us with the tunes of the Everythingness.

Where was Fox?

– Cecilia Götherström, dec 20th 2018

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