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Dec 5th / The Promise, Part 5


Photo by Konsta Punkka http://www.konstapunkka.com

”Melvinia, Melvinia! Wake up! This is not really the best place for daydreaming!”
I looked to my right where the tiny voice was coming from. Nothing.
”Melvinia, Melvinia! Over here!” I looked again. The same direction. Still nothing.

Next to the red flannel blanket we were all sharing a small head peaked out from a tiny snow cave.
”It´s me, Jake! The yellow necked mouse, you know!”
Now I saw him.

”Hi Jake. Pleased to meet you. How do you know my name?”
”How could I not ? This is your story. We all know you and your friends have been working on the portal for years and years and yearrrrrs with the help of all of us. Now it´s just about us helping you out to find it again so that you can fulfill your promise. Like we all have our promise to fulfill.”

He jumped up in to one of the sleds.
”It will be easier for to travel in here. As ling as you make sure them owls and them ravens keep their claws out of my back.”

”No problem”, Wizard chuckled, tucking Jack in the sled. ”Consider it done!”

Fox started rolling up the blankets. I got up to help. Dusted the snow flakes off my hands, grabbed the blankets behind the other sleds. We´d been travelling for days. This glacier seemed endlessly huge. Wizard had explained that it was important to plateau often, to acclimatize, to soak up and linger in knowing. Which is why, he told, the glacier seemed so vast the first time you visited. Based on how much you were able to let go, just be and soak in the whispers of the glacier your next trip across would be significantly shorter or longer. If you were not able to listen from the diamond in your heart it might take a whole lifetime to travel back and forth across these icy , crevasse filled plains. Most people rarely ever even made it to the glacier though Wizard said.

Today we were heading towards the woods slightly below the next mountain top, which meant a minor descent before heading up behind Linxi , the cave at the head of this giant mountain. After that heading uphill again to the upper glacier. From there it was said you could jump straight in to Ursa Major if you wished and come out on the other side.

”Just follow the North Star! Off we go!” Ralph, the chief of the Samoyed Knights took the lead.

  • Cecilia Götherström, Dec 5th 2018

Dec 4th/ The Promise, Part 4


Morning. Dawn had dispelled the last remnants of starstudded darkness. A blue moring sky was making itself known behind the tree tops. We were halfway up the mountain now – myself, Raven and Fox. Sitting at the kitchen table of White Wizard, overlooking the valley, the village just down the slope, the numerous lakes lakes of which the last one mounted out in the river leading to the ocean. The waters coming down from the mountain – that is the direction we are about to head next.

”First things first though!”, Raven squawked out. ”Coffee and porridge for the two leggeds, a couple of boiled eggs for Foxie here, some of those delish pumpkinseeds and Lussebulle for me.”

A sneezing, couching noise followed by a laughter sounding like a thunderstorm rolling through the mountains dances through the hallway in to the kitchen.

Wizard is awake! I´d heard so many stories of White Wizard sleeping through many winters lately that I could not help myself feeling totally stoked he´d decided to stay awake this winter.

”Yohooooo my magic crowd!”, his voice sounded round the loghouse as he walked towards the kitchen. ”This is a splendid morning for gathering the Husky Queens, the Samoyed Knights and the little Shiba Pushers for an update on the situation up the glacier. I know it´s early hours for the snow setting, yet that ancient ice will always speak. Born of the first waters it contains all the wisdom in this world . Now that wisdom is flowing out through the melting glaciers in to the world at a speed never experienced before in the lifetimes of humans. And your DNA has become a bit lazy lately, mankind, hence forgotten how to assimilate and put this wisdom to immediate use.”

”OK?” I heard myself frowning while sipping the coffee Raven had prepared.

”You see”, White Wizard sat down at the table, his long white hair reaching down to the floor as he lowered himself in to one of his designer chairs. ”The huskies, samoyeds, shibas and wolves travel back and forth across that glacier often. The wisdom whispers as it moves. The clever lupus canines receive it through their paws, merging it with their inner knowing. If there was ever a marriage made in heaven , that´s the one! At the same time, being at that altitude means you can hear and feel the vibration of everything going on in the worlds below. And according to the last report I got there´s still a lot DNA shaking up needed. Let´s do the hippie, hippie shake! Now, where´s my coffee before we head off? ”

  • Cecilia Götherström, Dec 4th 2018



Dec 3rd, The Promise, Part 3


”In wisdom there is gentleness. There is softness. There is silence. Deep within all of that lies a strength and a will which is stronger, clearer and shining more brightly than any Diamond Of The Snows ever perceived.”

She walks beside me. Her scrawny, white legs moving as if in twilight-time. Paws barely touching the ground as they shift. It as if she floats. As if she makes the space around her move as her body graciously motions through the very same air touching my face, my nostrils, while at the same time inhabiting two dimensions.

I have been told a long, long time to use my gifts. To stand on two legs, rooted in each dimension simultaneously. I have been struggling with grasping the practicalities of it. She is showing me how by just being who she is and doing what she is supposed to do. There is no doubt about her having a purpose. Ever. There is no doubt about her following her purpose. Ever. She just does it because her heart is anchored strong and her nose is pointing in that direction.

I remember the little child born into confusion. The little child who believed in the light of the world, in the diamond in the heart, in the nose pointing in the direction the diamond mapped out. The girl who came in to this world with a purpose so strong it was too much for her parents to handle. They did not know where to place this life-bubble, so it was easier to forget her. Easier to push her gifts away, to hide under the strife of daily life, to lose her just like they had lost themselves a long time ago.

This strong, beautiful, white wolf with the constant following of a fox pup had been there all along.

”Yes”, she says. ”I have been watching from a distance. From a mountaintop within. You needed to climb quite a few mountains to meet me again, but Fox has always been there. Through bushes, rivers, sandbanks, rocky roads, gold paved streets, avalanches, waveriding on the ocean, sleeping, waking, sleeping and waking again”.

”In honour of the two of us!”, I find myself gasping while smacking myself on the forehand with the palm of my hand. ”Duuuuuh! That was it all along!”

”Yes”, Wolf replied. ”In honour of you and the one walking next to you. In honour of the one walking next to you and in honour of yourself. Everyone has someone walking next to them, everyone is walking next to someone. Seing that well, that dispels the impression of there being different dimensions once and for all”.

  • Cecilia Götherström, Dec 3rd 2018


Dec 2nd, The Promise Part 2, – Song of the trees


The crocodile came to me in dreamtime. He told me to seek out the The Mother Tree. Told me she´d been communicating through the roots and the waters of all Soulkind, urging his people to take action, to pass their knowledge through. With his jaws and dark black eyes he nudged me not to wait.

I woke up Raven.

”Come on you sleepy bird, we´ve got places to go, things to do!”

Raven shook her drowsy feathers, a few soft plumes danced to the floor. She looked at me. ”Oh dear, that crazy croc could not let you sleep til at least dawn? Never mind, the days of us ravens having time for a coffee and a biscuit in the moring are long gone ayway. Don´t think I´ve had one of them mornings since Odins days”.

It was indeed pitch black outside still. As soon as my feet hit the pavement a shadow came down in the light of the setting moon, tailing Raven.

”Oh, come on now, give me a break!” I heard Raven croaking. ”Why do you owls always have to barge in as guides? You know us ravens are fully capable of doing this too right?”

”Of course dear”, a soft howling voice replied. ”But I also know your kind are much better at gathering and observing than our kind, which is much needed on this journey. So, please, let me do the accompanying of guiding.”

Owl picked me up. How that happened in practical detail I can´t explain. It just felt natural. On her back, next to Raven, we set off towards the pines.

Moments – or was it months? – later we descended in to an opening among the firs. There, in the centre stood not one but three mother trees – Mother Birch, Mother Oak and Mother Aspen. Also known as The Three Wise Mothers.

The minute we landed on the frost and snow covered moss a song started filling the clearing from the ground up. Tunes arose from the moss. The frost sharped them, made them clearer. A deep voice started singing from the roots of The Three Wise Mothers.

”Every time you humans cut down a tree you kill a part of your own soul”. A voice spoke through the chanting. ”Every time you humans cut down a tree you kill the land of the fairies, you rob the dimensions of connection, you tear out the roots in your heart – the very roots which give life to the body, soul and conciousness of every sentient thread in this and all the parallell universes. How can you stay close to and listen to your own tree if it ain´t there no more?”

Another voice took over.

”You see, child. We trees hold heaven and earth together. On all planes. In all existance. We sing life in to being. Every being is born with a link to his or her own tree. When that link is severed only chaos and loneliness prevails. We love you all, but we can´t take it no more. You see, you can only go so far with love without connection.”

A third voice tuned in.

”Now it is up to you to take our song in to the world. For the last time. It needs to travel through the portal.”


  • Cecilia Götherström, 2 december 2018

Dec 1st – The Promise, part I


”And so it begins…”
With amber eyes she caresses every movement my mind makes, living in the depths of my soul as she speaks. With the voice of a mother she holds my intention in hers.

”Outside the comfort zone, new challenge is what it may feel like,” she hums.
” Going deep within, taking on the Journey to fulfill the ancient promise is what it really is. Go my child. Go to come home.”

The wind is suddenly picking up, icy air is turning my ears in to frosty red bundles. My lovikavantar protecting my hands from the cold.

Right here, right now, there is nothing strange at all about sitting in between her front paws, her entire wolfness envelopping me with a beauty my heart has never witnessed before. Right here, right now, the fact that this fluffy raven and I are about to go on what will be a very, very long hike is anything but strange.

”So”, the white wolf whispers. ”You have been here before. It´s the 7th year. 21 days. It is time. They are all here. Meru, Nisse, Bertil, Pe, the dragons, the giants, the trolls, the little people, everyone. 7 years you queens have been building this portal. Dragging stones, moving and planting roots, digging deep, decorating with dreams, wishes, strength, power. Overwon despeair, dis-ease, grief, moved mountains to get this portal ready. With your magic you have ornamented thesed doors in 4 different ways while remaining as one. It is time to open the gateway. To merge with what is on the other side. To look all your fears in the eye to be able to turn them in to gold. In to gold and silver dust.”

She changes the seat of her paws, softening her gaze, allowing for the moon and the stars to glow through her white coat as she lightly yawns before capturing me in her eyes again.
”These dances have been going on since ancient times, like the swirling breath of of the winter hunters”, she continues. ” Since ancient times some have listened, some have stayed, some have returned, others have not. This time we need to return all together. This time there will be no veil. We all have to do this together. It´s a choice to save not just what we have but what we truly are. It is our last chance to create this New Earth, through returning to the ancient wisdom.”

I know it is time to go. Time to pick up and leave. It is not that I am dreading it, it is more like ”Why? Why is December 1st always the beginning of the next big move? Why can it not just be a soft, glittery, curly and gentle way into the favourite season of the year?”

Raven chuckles. ”You´re funny”. Flapping her wings. ”You know soft, fluffy, gentle and all that won´t go down at all with that inner spirit of yours. We will fluff enough in between journeys, I promise. But now we really have to embark.”

– Cecilia Götherström, Dec 1st 2018

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Puppies Grow Up to be Bullies

A must read for dog people!

Wilde About Dogs

dog bully pixabayThis morning, I saw a beautiful 8-month-old pit bull lying on his back. Was he waiting for tummy rubs? Taking a sunbath? Nope. He was lying there, afraid to move lest the three dogs who were bullying him start in on him again. The pit’s owner kept telling him to get up, but I could see that he was afraid. I said something nicely to the owner of the bullies, and then separately went and spoke to the owner of the pit bull. I commented on how handsome the dog was (really, he was) and mentioned that the dog didn’t look like he was having much fun. We chatted a bit and I explained that once the teenager became an adult he might not roll over so easily, and might well fight back instead. And that, unfortunately, does not often end well for pit bulls, regardless of whose fault a…

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Akasha´s weekly message 6/2 2017


 – So, my dear, my heart, my soul, my purpose, my deepest love, my reason for existence – what is your message , what would you like to share this week?

There is no message. That is the message. When you are not listening you cannot hear the message, so if you are not listening there is no message. Who IS really listening?

Who IS really asking?

Who really wants to know?

These are the questions you need to ask yourselves initially. Ask yourself ”Who is listening”? And wait for the answer. Wait till you really hear it. Wait. Listen. If you don´t hear it, keep listening! Now you are on to something 😉 …

Then ask yourself  ”Who is really asking?” Who is? Listen. Wait. Write it down. Understand. Turn it around. Up and Down. Inside Out. Look at it from all directions. From all dimensions.  Who is really asking?

Then you can ask ”who really wants to know?”. And let me know once you´ve got the answer to that one ;-)!

Dog Training by Osmosis

Another beautiful post by Wilde About Dogs!

Wilde About Dogs

Lazing on couch

Dog Training by Osmosis

This morning, as I was making my breakfast smoothie, Bodhi and Sierra were hyper-attentive as usual. Why, you might wonder, were they so focused? Are they invested in making sure I get enough fruits and veggies? No. They’re making sure they get their fruits and veggies, or at least the slices of banana and cucumber that they know I’ll share with them. Since those two items go into the smoothie at different times, the dogs are pretty much sitting there for the duration. At some point, though, I’ll turn to them and say, “That’s it for dogs!” They then give sad little doggie sighs and pad away to lie down and wait for the next exciting event of the day.

The phrase, “That’s it for dogs!” isn’t something I ever taught my dogs. But they’re both smart, and have learned through hearing the phrase many times…

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Don’t Assume My Dog is Friendly!

Wilde About Dogs

It happened again. I was walking along a park trail with Bodhi, enjoying the 6 a.m. calm. That the park is largely empty at that hour is something I really enjoy. But suddenly, a man walking 3 dogs appeared, headed toward us on the path. As there was plenty of room to move over, that’s exactly what we did in hopes of avoiding them.

Upon spying us, the two cocker spaniels continued to prance along with their cockers-don’t-care attitudes, while the Lab mix acted as though Bodhi was a long lost relative who owed him money. In his over-the-top enthusiasm, the dog pulled free of the man’s grip. Flexi leash banging along behind him, he began to run toward us. Now, Bodhi is not an aggressive dog, but when I adopted him from the shelter five years ago, he was very dog reactive. I worked long and hard to teach…

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