Moments of Gratitude – Movements of Grace

Akasha’s message from 2105. Still valid.


Every day we have moments filled with things in our lives to be grateful for.

Test it out for one day, for one afternoon or for just one hour; Set the intention to notice the moments you are grateful for. Then, as you go along say “thank you” for everyone of those moments, being as specific or none specific as you like – saying out loud or just inwards, and see how it feel s during or your hour, afternoon, day. It is literally counting the blessings we have, no matter how our life looks, as we go along.

I have tried keeping a gratitude journal as I have read and also heard from a lot of friends and collegues that it really does work. It is a beautiful thing to take that moment at the end of the day, to sit down with your pen and notebook and note…

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Sudden Changes in Behavior

A must read for all dog people out there, plus all vets and animal communicators too!

Wilde About Dogs

I recently received an email asking for a training referral. The sender had two senior dogs, and the younger of the two was suddenly attacking the older one. There had been problems between the two when they were young, but they’d been getting along for many years. While I did find a trainer for the woman in her city, I also advised her to take both of the dogs in for a complete veterinary exam.

You might be thinking Hmm,
a sudden behavior change
could be
linked to aggressive behavior, but why would she need to take
both dogs in? Surely, it’s only the younger one who needs to be seen. While it’s
true that the dog who is displaying the aberrant behavior should be thoroughly
checked, sometimes the reason the dog has suddenly become aggressive is because
the other dog, unbeknownst to the owner, is ill. Think about…

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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Puppies Grow Up to be Bullies

A must read for dog people!

Wilde About Dogs

dog bully pixabayThis morning, I saw a beautiful 8-month-old pit bull lying on his back. Was he waiting for tummy rubs? Taking a sunbath? Nope. He was lying there, afraid to move lest the three dogs who were bullying him start in on him again. The pit’s owner kept telling him to get up, but I could see that he was afraid. I said something nicely to the owner of the bullies, and then separately went and spoke to the owner of the pit bull. I commented on how handsome the dog was (really, he was) and mentioned that the dog didn’t look like he was having much fun. We chatted a bit and I explained that once the teenager became an adult he might not roll over so easily, and might well fight back instead. And that, unfortunately, does not often end well for pit bulls, regardless of whose fault a…

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Akasha´s weekly message 6/2 2017


 – So, my dear, my heart, my soul, my purpose, my deepest love, my reason for existence – what is your message , what would you like to share this week?

There is no message. That is the message. When you are not listening you cannot hear the message, so if you are not listening there is no message. Who IS really listening?

Who IS really asking?

Who really wants to know?

These are the questions you need to ask yourselves initially. Ask yourself ”Who is listening”? And wait for the answer. Wait till you really hear it. Wait. Listen. If you don´t hear it, keep listening! Now you are on to something 😉 …

Then ask yourself  ”Who is really asking?” Who is? Listen. Wait. Write it down. Understand. Turn it around. Up and Down. Inside Out. Look at it from all directions. From all dimensions.  Who is really asking?

Then you can ask ”who really wants to know?”. And let me know once you´ve got the answer to that one ;-)!

Dog Training by Osmosis

Another beautiful post by Wilde About Dogs!

Wilde About Dogs

Lazing on couch

Dog Training by Osmosis

This morning, as I was making my breakfast smoothie, Bodhi and Sierra were hyper-attentive as usual. Why, you might wonder, were they so focused? Are they invested in making sure I get enough fruits and veggies? No. They’re making sure they get their fruits and veggies, or at least the slices of banana and cucumber that they know I’ll share with them. Since those two items go into the smoothie at different times, the dogs are pretty much sitting there for the duration. At some point, though, I’ll turn to them and say, “That’s it for dogs!” They then give sad little doggie sighs and pad away to lie down and wait for the next exciting event of the day.

The phrase, “That’s it for dogs!” isn’t something I ever taught my dogs. But they’re both smart, and have learned through hearing the phrase many times…

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Don’t Assume My Dog is Friendly!

Wilde About Dogs

It happened again. I was walking along a park trail with Bodhi, enjoying the 6 a.m. calm. That the park is largely empty at that hour is something I really enjoy. But suddenly, a man walking 3 dogs appeared, headed toward us on the path. As there was plenty of room to move over, that’s exactly what we did in hopes of avoiding them.

Upon spying us, the two cocker spaniels continued to prance along with their cockers-don’t-care attitudes, while the Lab mix acted as though Bodhi was a long lost relative who owed him money. In his over-the-top enthusiasm, the dog pulled free of the man’s grip. Flexi leash banging along behind him, he began to run toward us. Now, Bodhi is not an aggressive dog, but when I adopted him from the shelter five years ago, he was very dog reactive. I worked long and hard to teach…

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Isdrottningens Tidsålder / Del 6 / Kärnan


Att vandra, att följa, att veta – inte heller finns det där en egentlig skillnad.

När vetandet får leda är följandet ett flöde , ett vandrande som inte kräver en början eller ett slut.

En cirkel, en helhet, – ett medicin-hjul som det kom att kallas i människo-släktets första talande språk.

I den här cirkeln var allt som det skulle. Det ena flöt in i det andra. Det som “dog” födde nytt liv. Det nya livet vandrade, ändrade skepnad, “dog” och började om igen. Sånger vävdes in i legender, legender blev sånger, hjulet rörde sig – i hjärtat, på himlavalvet, på Jorden, i allt och alla.

Varga vände sig om och såg kärleksfullt över den cirkel som var hennes kärna just nu. Den som precis som alla våra cirkelkärnor ihop bygger den stora cirkeln.
Älgparet bar på Gåvan, Pilgrimsfalken på Skarpsinnet, “Varga”-flocken på Livets Hemliget, på Gralen.

Is-vinden svepte in dem.

Gåvan, Skarpsinnet och Livets Hemlighet omhälsades av vinande kristaller, av virvlande hagel dansandes runt dem.

Det var som om de vandrade i en kokong. Kretsandes om dem härjade stormen starkare för varje ögonnlick. I is-vrålandets mitt, mitterst i kärnan, vandrade de lugnt, orörda – lämnandes djupa spår som direkt frös fast i Jord-skorpan för att fyllas med dem mjukaste, silkigaste, snö som någonsin fallit.

Morgonstjärnan började sitt strövtåg vid horisonten, spred sitt skira ljus blinkande, försiktigt.
Ett mjukt uppvaknande mitt i stormen.
En ny dag hägrades.

Varga kände flockens hjärtslag som ett. Ett med allt.

Cecilia Götherström, 6 december 2015

Vetenskapen bakom så få vargar som möjligt

Bild & Naturhistoria

Just när vi firar vetenskap som intensivast med ett tillkännagivande av fantastisk vetenskap efter ett annat från Nobelpriskommittéer möts man idag av nyheten att det räcker med 300 vargar i Sverige för att de ska ha gynnsam bevarandestatus.


Miljöminister Åsa Romson säger:

– Nu är det för första gången fastslaget på vetenskaplig grund vad som är gynnsam bevarandestatus. Förra gången bestämde den dåvarande regeringen på politisk grund att 270 var detsamma som gynnsam status, säger miljöminister Åsa Romson (MP).

Romsons uttalande kommer från just SVT:s artikel ovan. Varför är det här något att gnälla om?

Åsikt och vetenskap är inte samma sak

Hur många vargar det ska finnas i Sverige är en fråga som kan besvaras på flera sätt. Ett sätt att svara är att man helt enkelt säger vad man tycker. Man kan till exempel tycka att vi inte ska ha några vargar alls. Vissa tycker så. En annan åsikt…

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