Just love.

When we do, we can really hear those subtle messages.
This is why anyone and everyone can learn or actually re-learn or re-member how to communicate with animals, nature, the spirit world, your own soul, and so much more.

As I was potting about this morning, lighting candles and incense, making breakfast, doing the laundry, thinking of today’s first @bearandwolfpodcast recording with @swedbutterfly , Elsa butted in as I had just leaned in to kiss her forehead and said “I love you”.

She said “See. That is all you need to do. Loving me. Just love. Nothing else is important. Just love. Let the love which fills your heart up overflow. You can only love when you see the mirror. Look deep into that mirror. See your soul meeting mine. So, all souls meet. Today you focus on loving me. Tomorrow you focus on loving flowers. Another day on loving the rain. And so it goes. Before you know there is only that. Love.”

April 1st 2021, Elsa





We were just getting ready to head outside for a short walk as Akasha and Elsa had just joined me training Krav Maga in the morning and already had quite some action. As I was getting myself and the girls ready for the walk Elsa connected in and she told me:

“Treasure every day girl, treasure every day.”

At the moment she told me this I had just found myself with my thoughts in the future, in the summer, our beautiful Yoga & Hiking trip in Swedish Lapland during the full midnight sun season, my dear friend Stephi coming for a visit in two weeks. All surely to be treasured moments.

And Elsa snapped me right out of it, in to the treausreness of the present moment.

Thank you girl!

Love you. Treasure you.


– Cecilia Götherström, March 7th 2019

Never trust the picture


OK, this is really bugging me so to the point where I don´t even know how to start writing this blog post. Things keep playing over and over in my mind, which is how it goes when we can´t let go of things us humans ☺…

This morning, late morning that is, I took the husky ladies for a walk on the beach.
Or maybe they took me for a walk ☺ ?
Either way, it was a beautiful, windy morning with storm clouds on the horizon, all shades of blues and greys of the sky meeting the different sand colours of the beach itself.

Quite early in our walk I noticed two horses further up direction north. I could not see any riders on the horses, but after some time I could distinguish people next to the horses.

“How nice”, I thought to myself. “They are out walking the horses on the beach”.

As we got closer I saw a totally different picture.

A beautiful, grey-whitish (“skimmel” you call that colour horse in Swedish) horse with a female rider in a pink vest and glasses doing what first looked like some sort of dressage dance in the sand.
Kind of side ways and backwards.

For a split second it made me think of the dance of the Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.
For a very split second. Maybe just a 100th of a second…

The it got very clear that this horse was being steered towards the inwards moving tide, with extremely low, pretty soft waves and the horse was shit scared. She did totally not want to get into the water.

A bit further out, at the brim of the ocean, stood a dark brown horse with a girl dressed in dark coloured riding clothes, looking really confident with a camera around her neck.

It was quite obviously a photo shoot session for whatever reason on the beach with horse and rider and the horse did not want to get in to the moving water.

People had stopped to watched. Not many, but a few.
After all it was Thursday morning early October and people have to work 9-5 too right?

Dark Horse Girl got Grey Horse Girl to come up closer – told her something which could not be heard over the wind – and Grey Horse Girl whipped her horse real hard.

OK, I am not a horse person.
I know zilk about horses.
I took 12 riding lessons when I was 11 and was scared most of the time.
The past years I have been on a horse back for about 30 minutes all together, with my sister who is a Natural Horsemanship practitioner and her extremely calm horse.

But I am an Animal Communicator and a Reiki Master. I have spoken to a lot of horses the past 4 years of that career, I have shared Reiki moments with lots of these beautiful beings. And I am an Earthling. Like all species on this planet. Earthlings all experience fear, pain, joy the same way through the nervous system . It is scientifically proven even.
And that was not a slight touch with the whip to steer the horse in the direction you want it to go – it was “smack, smack” and the horse got even more agitated. It moved sideways, tried to move its head.

Grey Horse Girl got her horse closer to Dark Horse Girl.

Dark Horse Girl got her whip out and 5 times whipped Grey Horse on the ass, so loud you could hear it over the wind, leaving marks I could even see from the at least 25 or more meters away where I was standing.

I got shocked.
People left.
The people who stayed obviously approved of this.
Or did they?
I don´t know.
I did not ask them, so how could I know?

I gathered the husky ladies to go up and talk to the two girls on the horses.

Grey Horse Girl was taken off by Grey Horse a bit up the beach. More whipping and Grey Horse turned back.

It seemed Dark Horse Girl was in charge so I got ready to walk up to her and talk to her.

I had this plan of introducing myself and letting her know I am an Animal Communicator, offering to help or explain what was going on from Grey Horse´s perspective.

As I went through this in my head Grey Horse made it clear that she wanted to run back and forth up the stretch of sand where they were taking the pictures, and that she this way would be able to proceed in to the water after a while. In her way.

She showed me an experience where she had been forced in to a river, the currents were really strong and caught some of the horses and they all got swept quite a bit down river before they made it up safe and sound with riders and all on the other side of the river bank.

I was going to go up to Dark Horse Girl and let her know.

She came towards us.
Gave Dark Horse to a lady on the beach.
The lady gave her a look saying “what? Me?” and Dark Horse Girl said “she is really nice”. In German.

The lady proceeded to answer and all of a sudden Dark Horse Girl said in German “I only speak German, no other language and I need to have a smoke”.

Grey Horse Girl was having heavy problems further up the beach with Grey Horse, the whipping getting more intense.

Another split second decision – Grey Horse needed whatever help she could get right now.

I had been thinking of more options – not just talking to Dark Horse Girl , but to call Animal Protection and get them down on the beach , reporting what was obviously animal abuse, calling the police even, filming and sharing on social media… It is amazing how many thoughts and ideas you can force through your mind in a matter of a few minutes.

I walked towards Grey Horse and Grey Horse girl with the husky ladies.

I raised my right hand to draw the Reiki symbols – first for emotional healing and peace, then for physical strength.

I got contact with the horse
I told her “You are a beautiful being, you are strong, you can do this, the water has no power over you, the stupid human being on your back has no power over you, she is actually totally unintelligent and dumb (yes, I know this is not the way a yogi should speak, not a constructive way of saying things but I was really upset and angry and cannot pretend that was not the case), you are beautiful, you are strong, you have purpose, I love you.”

I kept saying “you are strong, you are beautiful, you are wise, you are needed, I love you” out loud even for quite some time while asking Reiki energy to be with Grey Horse. Drawing the symbol for healing the soul.

She ran back and forth next to the water, she then went in to the water and continued to run in the sometimes ankle sometimes knee deep sea for her, up and down the same route.

“You are strong, you are beautiful, I love you, you are better than any human treating you that way, I love you”.

I kept talking to Grey Horse, Akasha and Elsa sat down in the sand watching it all.

People were walking up and down the beach taking photos of the beautiful couple in the sea.
The human and the horse.
Little did anyone know what it took to get that scene.

It made me wonder right then and there, and I also wish I could have had a chance to ask that question to Dark Horse Girl and Grey Horse Girl if one – do they hit their children, their friends and parents too to get them to do what they want?
Two – when you publish that picture of you on Facebook or Instagram, galloping through the waves, most likely sharing that it is a moment to remember – is it really? Are you proud of your actions leading up to creating that so called picture perfect moment?
Three – What are you afraid of? Would you like anyone to force you to do what you are afraid of through violence, or would you rather somebody helped you with patience, gentleness and understanding so that you could flourish once you have managed to conquer one of your fears?

I don´t know why things happened the way they did today when it comes to my own reactions and behavior, next time I am calling the police.

For anyone in The Netherlands, that is 114 when it comes to animals whether it is animal police or animal ambulance.

And the picture below is from this morning too.


Clear Communication


This morning we were going to look at a house.

As we parked the car in front of the house in question, just at the same time the real estate guy was at the door unlocking it, I said to Akasha & Elsa – the two beautiful gifts of dogs in our lives seated in the back of the van – ;
“OK, you ladies are with me now as eyes and ears and let me know what you think, whether this is the house or not for us ”.

I was very conscious of what I was doing as I was saying this, my intent was clear, communication was clear. I was also very clear in my mind about why I wanted to involve the husky ladies straight away in this.

Minutes later I must admit I had totally forgotten about what I consciously had communicated to and asked Akasha & Elsa to do just before.
Hubby and I entered the house, nice hallway with stained class windows, beautiful kitchen with wooden floor, lots of natural light. We were taking the house in, plus and minuses being scanned and the mind ticking away with observing and thinking – putting all information in to different boxes of “good”, “bad”, “needs to be fixed”, “great”, “hmmm” and more.

As I turned and walked towards the large French doors facing the garden it was as if I was literally hit by somebody pushing me back. Somebody was communicating “no way!”. Followed by “waaaaaay too small and waaaaaay too cold”.

I tried picturing the garden with more green, with maybe even grass but the picutres were blocked every time I tried.

So we went back indoors. Time to check the upstairs.

Beautiful old fashioned wooden stairs leading to the upper floors.

The second I looked up the stairs and put my foot on the first step there it was a again – a very clear, sudden and almost pushy “Forget it! Stairs are way too steep for both of us!”

As I walked through the rest of the house with my husband, adding to the plus and minus list, listening to real estate guy, checking stuff no more information came in as clear as that but I knew already that this would not be the house – and that “just” because of the garden and the stairs.

It was not until we were outside again, sitting in the car that I realized that of course that information came directly from Akasha & Elsa.
As always in Animal Communication, information came in clear and smack on – like a flash of lightning from a blue sky. It had a totally different quality that my own noticing and making list while sorting out the information as we were going through the house.
The information from the husky ladies was like “no doubt”, totally lucid and soooooo obvious.

The information put together by my thinking mind was totally a sum of analyzing, of processing.

So again, whenever you communicate with animals and nature – whether animals living with you, the nature right on your doorstep or animals and nature further away – you know that it comes from them when you realize the quality of how the information comes in. Clear, lucid, no doubt in the way it is communicated.

Thank you Akasha & Elsa for today!

Grrrrrr….. – by Elsa


Elsa, what needs to be made known?

Where should I start?
You all – people – make things so complicated. All that needs to be made known you already know in your hearts.

That you don´t play enough.
That you don´t love enough.
That you don´t share enough.
That you don´t laugh enough.
That you don´t walk enough.

Like , what if you took a walk outside your door?
I mean, really took a walk.
Noticing that you step outside, noticing life around you, your neighbours – whatever breed they are – , your part of town or the country side , how when you step outside your door you are part of everything. And if you do not participate you are still participating.
Every time you choose to not play, to not love, to not share, to not laugh, to not walk you are choosing to be part of destroying not just the earth but your own will to live, will to be.

What needs to be made known?

My God, what kind of question is that?
You all think you know so much, read this, take that course, do this, do that – but it is all useless. Completely, utterly useless as you do not put it to use for the benefit of others. You just stack it up and lock every door in or out.
Why do you do that? Why are you like that? Ask yourselves those questions and know that you can solve whatever issue you have by “just” playing, loving, sharing, laughing and walking more!

Pardon the tone but this really pisses me off.


Akasha’s weekly blog message 8/6 2015;


What would you like to share this week, Akasha?

That the world is the world and not the world as people see it as their world.

That the world is really so much bigger, so much larger, so much vaster than you could ever imagine and when you fail to focus in on the small things – the things and practices that really matter – that is when you fail to see the larger whole.
That is when it feels like your world is caving in, like you don´t understand anything, like the stars are falling out of the sky and not shining for you any more – just because you don’t see them.

When was the last time you looked at the stars in the awe and wonder over that they are just there? That they do their thing and that you can take part in all that from “down here” – actually because you are “in here”.

The stars in your heart won´t shine unless you recognize them as stars. Unless you recognize your part as the small and the large universe.

Actually, it is as simple as that unless you recognize nothing is gonna happen, nothing is gonna work out, nothing is gonna fix itself, nothing is gonna simply.
Recognize you do by taking a look next to you, by feeling in to and leaning in to the space, by breathing, by breath-taking.

Now go, go recognize , go say “wow, wonders”, go see miracles, go see that all matters at the same time as nothing matters. You decide what matters and why. Then you find the beyond or open up the door for the beyond to find you.
You can´t wish yourself there. You have to do something, and it starts with choosing.

Love, light and all that ;-).

Whole – by Elsa

So, Elsa, it has been quite some time since we did this blog together last time. What would you like to share with the world right now?

That all is important.

That you cannot just keep making lists and prioritizing.
Just like washing the rice. When you wash/clean the rice you clean the rice. You know what I mean 😉 !

Wholeness is important. A wholeness in what you do and what you are. So many of you feel broken, incomplete, are looking for the missing piece. You are the missing piece! In it’s whole complete “you-are-ness”. And yet you are not a piece. You are peace . ☺ .
That was a good one, eh ☺!

What you are searching for is already here. Your very own pot of gold or whatever you like to call it.

And now I want to talk about mice.
I am a husky. We hunt mice. Full stop.

I am wise, I am a primordial being but you can´t stop me from being a dog. Also.

Whole. Complete. Take it in. All that I am. All that you are.


Swedish / Kommunikation mellan djur och människor – vad djuren kan lära oss

Cecilia & Akasha-0184

Detta är en artikel som jag skrev för INFO – Svenska Klubben Nederländernas tidning – i maj 2012. Temat för det numret var kommunikation.

Kommunikation mellan djur och människor – vad djuren kan lära oss

Cecilia Götherström, http://www.akashatalking.wordpress.com

Så fort våran hund skäller ”för högt”, våran katt börjar strunta i kattlådan och uträtta sina behov på vardagsrumsgolvet, hästen sparkar så fort den ser en traktor eller din man, våran undulat sjunger klockan 4 på morgonen istället för 4 på eftermiddageneller våra marsvin gnager isönder buren och därmed sina tänder är våran första tanke ”vad är det för fel”? Och vi rusar ofta till veterinären för att ta reda på vad vi kan göra för att få slut på detta jobbiga beteende.

Frågan ”vad är det för fel” är abslout inte fel fråga att ställa , för vårat djur försöker att berätta något. Och det är just det som är poängen – berätta något! Eftersom majoriteten av oss inte anser oss vara Dr. Dolitte så använder våra älskade päls och fjäderklädda familjemedlemmar det enda medel de kan för att få våran uppmärksamhet – och ”oönskat” beteende är den snabbaste och enklaste vägen. Ni som har djur har säkert listor på tillfällen när detta visat sig!

Ibland händer det att djuren kommer tillbaka från veterinären med meddelandet att allt är ok. De har kollat allt, tagit alla prover som skulle kunna behövas i detta fall och har – tack och lov – inte kunnat hittat något fel.
Eller, du har fått t.ex en kur med antibiotika, salva för exemen, annat foder från veterinären, lugnande medel mot det stress relaterade beteende ditt djur visat och det verkar gå ”åt rätt håll” men efter ett tag dyker samma eller att annat problem eller ”oönskat beteende” upp. Vad gör vi då?
Nästa steg är ofta att konsultera en specialiserad tränare eller till och med djurpsykolog. Här i Holland finns väldigt många mycket väl kvalificerade ”gedrags therapeuten” för hundar, katter och kaniner och Natural Horsemanship utövare för våra hästar , vilka är lite svårare att hitta i Sverige i samma antal.

Du kan lära dig ofantligt mycket om inte bara ditt djur, men också om dig själv och andra människor genom att jobba med t.ex en specialiserad hund tränare och psykolog. Precis som Cesar Millan , ” The Dogwhisperer” på National Geographic Channel, säger ” I rehabilitate dogs and train people”.
Och, precis som med Cesars sätt att jobba med hundar och människor, om du får chansen att jobba med eller bara prova på att sitta på en häst med en tränare som jobbar enligt Natural Horsemanship lär du dig inom ett par sekunder redan vad din hållning, ditt kroppspråk och din ”energi” (vad du utstrålar vid just det tillfället) säger till en häst samtidigt som du lär dig att läsa din hästs kroppspråk och eventuella obalanser. Hästen talar om för dig vad du måste jobba på och visar dig vad den behöver jobba på helt enkelt, och det utan att vi använder sagda ord för att prata.

Så, om vi har kommit såhär långt redan att vi vid dethär stadiet har lärt oss att kommunicera genom att observera (lyssna, titta, följa), känna efter och som summa av dessa förstå vad det är som kommunicerats utan att yttra ett talat ord – när vi har kommit såhär långt p.g.a vårat djur var ”jobbigt” och vi inte kunde ”lösa” situation direkt, ja då har vi verkligen kommit jättelångt! Vi har helt plötsligt, tack vare vårat djur, kommit i kontakt med vårat eget innersta väsen, med våran intution.
Via användandet av alla våra fem sinnen i nuet kommer vi i kontakt med detdär ”mysteriösa” sjätte sinnet, vilket egentligen inte är så mysteriöst utan något som vi alla har.
Djur kommunicerar med varandra via kroppspråk, ljud och även vad vi kallar ”intuitiv kommunikation” och ”intuitiv kommunikation” kan vi lära oss att hitta tillbaka till av djuren. Ofta är det vad de börjar med när de vill berätta något för oss, men eftersom vi inte använder oss av detta i dagliga livet är ledningarna lite igendammade och din hund kan till slut inte annat göra än att skälla i tid och otid eller äta upp soffan.

Precis som du lär dig av Cesar, häst tränaren, katt psykologen eller kaninuppfödaren om du tar dig tid att gå till botten av ”problemet” , efter att ha försakrat dig om att det ej är av medicinskt art via veterinären, har det väldig ofta något med dig som ”ägare” att göra eller med miljön familjen befinner sig i. Något som behöver uppmärksammas, lösas, förändras eller helas. Så om du är djurägare tvingas du mer eller mindre att utvecklas vare sig du vill eller inte .
I mitt extra-jobb som ”Animal Communicator” (intuitiv kommunikation med djur) kommer jag ofta i kontakt med djur som efter att de berättat varför de gör vissa saker, vad som behöver förbättras eller ändras, även har djupa / betydelsefulla meddelanden till sina ”människor” (djur gillar inte att kalla oss ”ägare”, de kallar oss helst ”min människa” – och in Billie Deans bok ” Secret Animal Business” har hon ett jättefint exempel där hon berättar att människorna hon jobbade med i Peru inte hade något ord som”djurägare” i sitt språk utan de sa om sin hund ”this beautiful gift of a dog who is with me” ). Oftast är det saker direkt till sin ”människa” dessa djur delar, men inbland är det meddelanden som vi alla kan ta åt oss.

En av mina favoriter från i år kom från Leilani, en katt i Torrance, Kalifornien som talade om för sin människa Nancy att hennes uppgift i Nancys liv var att lära henne att fokusera på rätt saker, att ta sig tid att observera allt på djupet, att lära sig att vara alert istället för nervös. När jag frågade Leilani vad hon precis menade med det sa hon ” Alert är något du bara kan vara när kommer från en känsla av djup, av djupt förstående och djup avslappning”. Hon fortsatte med ”Det kanske känns som om du får mindre gjort men du uppnår mer”, och hon avslutade med en kort mening som jag senare var tvungen att be en engelstalande från födseln förklara för mig, vilken var ” Magnitude, not multitude”.
Fritt översatt tror jag det blir ”Storhet, ej mångfald”, och det är en mening jag burit med mig sedan jag pratade med Leilani. Det är bara ett exempel på vad djuren vill lära oss.
Så vad försöker ditt djur berätta för dig?

Om du är nyfiken på mer:
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http://www.montyroberts.com/ / The Horse Whisperer, Monty Roberts, känd från TV
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Bolton´s tips & wisdom

20131012 Bolton

The past weekend I had the funniest, wisest and warmest Labradoodle to communicate with that I have ever had the privilege to connect with.

He was just a bright sparkle all over, and there were quite a lot of things he said which I think we can all benefit and learn from. With the permission of his person, who booked the consult with me – and of course the permission from Bolton himself – I am sharing two of those here.

One of all the questions I always ask the animal (I have about 20 or so questions I ask every animal in the consultations, next to all the questions from the animal´s people) is what he thinks of people/humans in general and how he relates to them. On this Bolton replied something we can all take to heart ;

“ Sometimes I really get a “human allergy”. People just don’t have any awareness at all about their own energy, what energy and signals they are sending out and this leads to a total lack of control of the consequences.”

I asked him to elaborate a bit and he explained to me that we humans need to take the responsibility of all our actions and thoughts as well as the consequences of these. He showed me that quite often we stand around and “chit chat” or do “cold talk” and we let all sorts of things about ourselves, other people, other peoples kids, dogs, cats, birds and horses slip out we don´t realize that every word or thought sent out with a bad intent or a not so friendly comment creates a whirlwind of negativity that comes back to bite us all. Animals, and quite often young children, all feel this straight away and when they cannot walk away from this negative energy it sticks to them. Bolton also showed me that it sticks to all of us, and that we have to stop questioning why “things don´t work out” and look at what energy we are putting out into the world. All the time.

Once we get that we can experiment immediately with putting positive energy out there – comments, hugs, compliments, and see what happens then.

I was also told that when you catch yourself with “one negative” , don´t beat yourself up but go for “two positives”. So when you find yourself thinking, wanting or having said something negative about a situation or somebody just pause and look for two positives in the same situation. “Bolton´s diffuse”.

Bolton also had a tip for all of us dog people for when a situation arises with another dog or more dogs whom you see your own dog reacting fearful too. That is the moment when you as the “leader” has to step in with all your energy and presence. Saying “don´t be afraid” out loud he told us, won´t work at this point. You have to put yourself physically in the way between the other dog/s and yours and show with your energy that you are not letting anyone close to your animal. This is done without words, so it requests your complete presence and awareness of your own intent and energy. Then everyone can feel that there is nothing to be afraid of, there is no trespassing of boundaries here.

His comment to this was also “that is why kids don´t do what you say, instead they do what you do. So, do! And be aware of what you do! And Do when you do!”

Bolton is showing us one situation here, but his comment and solution is something we can take in to all areas of our lives.

Thank you Bolton for talking to us all!

20131105 Bolton

Akasha on Love


Since I attended Marta Williams workshops here in The Netherlands for the second time around about a month ago I took her advice to heart to communicate with my own animals daily, and that is when you really start to notice that after some time that they open up and initiate conversations with you too more often.

Yesterday Akasha all of a sudden told me, as I was hanging out with her at her favourite place to sleep for the night at the moment, which is in the hallway snuggled up against the cold tiles of the wall, that ;

“Love is not something you do.
Love is when you hold space together, when you really are in that space together.
When you say “I love you”, you feel love but it is not inside you, it is not something that is yours or that you really feel, it just is.
It is in that space which we are holding together right now. Always. That space is always there. Everything is space, space is everywhere, so love is everywhere. When you notice space, you notice Love.”

And her name is Akasha……