Dec 1st – The Promise, part I


”And so it begins…”
With amber eyes she caresses every movement my mind makes, living in the depths of my soul as she speaks. With the voice of a mother she holds my intention in hers.

”Outside the comfort zone, new challenge is what it may feel like,” she hums.
” Going deep within, taking on the Journey to fulfill the ancient promise is what it really is. Go my child. Go to come home.”

The wind is suddenly picking up, icy air is turning my ears in to frosty red bundles. My lovikavantar protecting my hands from the cold.

Right here, right now, there is nothing strange at all about sitting in between her front paws, her entire wolfness envelopping me with a beauty my heart has never witnessed before. Right here, right now, the fact that this fluffy raven and I are about to go on what will be a very, very long hike is anything but strange.

”So”, the white wolf whispers. ”You have been here before. It´s the 7th year. 21 days. It is time. They are all here. Meru, Nisse, Bertil, Pe, the dragons, the giants, the trolls, the little people, everyone. 7 years you queens have been building this portal. Dragging stones, moving and planting roots, digging deep, decorating with dreams, wishes, strength, power. Overwon despeair, dis-ease, grief, moved mountains to get this portal ready. With your magic you have ornamented thesed doors in 4 different ways while remaining as one. It is time to open the gateway. To merge with what is on the other side. To look all your fears in the eye to be able to turn them in to gold. In to gold and silver dust.”

She changes the seat of her paws, softening her gaze, allowing for the moon and the stars to glow through her white coat as she lightly yawns before capturing me in her eyes again.
”These dances have been going on since ancient times, like the swirling breath of of the winter hunters”, she continues. ” Since ancient times some have listened, some have stayed, some have returned, others have not. This time we need to return all together. This time there will be no veil. We all have to do this together. It´s a choice to save not just what we have but what we truly are. It is our last chance to create this New Earth, through returning to the ancient wisdom.”

I know it is time to go. Time to pick up and leave. It is not that I am dreading it, it is more like ”Why? Why is December 1st always the beginning of the next big move? Why can it not just be a soft, glittery, curly and gentle way into the favourite season of the year?”

Raven chuckles. ”You´re funny”. Flapping her wings. ”You know soft, fluffy, gentle and all that won´t go down at all with that inner spirit of yours. We will fluff enough in between journeys, I promise. But now we really have to embark.”

– Cecilia Götherström, Dec 1st 2018

Bolton´s tips & wisdom

20131012 Bolton

The past weekend I had the funniest, wisest and warmest Labradoodle to communicate with that I have ever had the privilege to connect with.

He was just a bright sparkle all over, and there were quite a lot of things he said which I think we can all benefit and learn from. With the permission of his person, who booked the consult with me – and of course the permission from Bolton himself – I am sharing two of those here.

One of all the questions I always ask the animal (I have about 20 or so questions I ask every animal in the consultations, next to all the questions from the animal´s people) is what he thinks of people/humans in general and how he relates to them. On this Bolton replied something we can all take to heart ;

“ Sometimes I really get a “human allergy”. People just don’t have any awareness at all about their own energy, what energy and signals they are sending out and this leads to a total lack of control of the consequences.”

I asked him to elaborate a bit and he explained to me that we humans need to take the responsibility of all our actions and thoughts as well as the consequences of these. He showed me that quite often we stand around and “chit chat” or do “cold talk” and we let all sorts of things about ourselves, other people, other peoples kids, dogs, cats, birds and horses slip out we don´t realize that every word or thought sent out with a bad intent or a not so friendly comment creates a whirlwind of negativity that comes back to bite us all. Animals, and quite often young children, all feel this straight away and when they cannot walk away from this negative energy it sticks to them. Bolton also showed me that it sticks to all of us, and that we have to stop questioning why “things don´t work out” and look at what energy we are putting out into the world. All the time.

Once we get that we can experiment immediately with putting positive energy out there – comments, hugs, compliments, and see what happens then.

I was also told that when you catch yourself with “one negative” , don´t beat yourself up but go for “two positives”. So when you find yourself thinking, wanting or having said something negative about a situation or somebody just pause and look for two positives in the same situation. “Bolton´s diffuse”.

Bolton also had a tip for all of us dog people for when a situation arises with another dog or more dogs whom you see your own dog reacting fearful too. That is the moment when you as the “leader” has to step in with all your energy and presence. Saying “don´t be afraid” out loud he told us, won´t work at this point. You have to put yourself physically in the way between the other dog/s and yours and show with your energy that you are not letting anyone close to your animal. This is done without words, so it requests your complete presence and awareness of your own intent and energy. Then everyone can feel that there is nothing to be afraid of, there is no trespassing of boundaries here.

His comment to this was also “that is why kids don´t do what you say, instead they do what you do. So, do! And be aware of what you do! And Do when you do!”

Bolton is showing us one situation here, but his comment and solution is something we can take in to all areas of our lives.

Thank you Bolton for talking to us all!

20131105 Bolton

A message from the Starfish

This is the first of more to come guest blogs of my friend and Animal Communicator Lyn Hurren from Canada, with the messages she is getting from the Animal Kingdom that we all need to hear:

Hi my name is Lyn and I have been involved and around animals all of
my life.
I have been doing Animal Communication for about 4 years now and I also do Animal Iridology, Animal Massage, Energy Healing, as well as Pendulum work.

Recently I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people and that has lead to more growth with our incredible world and what is here!

I have recently read a book on Whale Communication and also ordered the E Learning book from the authors.
I sat down with a friend of mine and we listened to the first 2 chapters the first day. The E Learning book is about different types of whales & dolphins and how to communicate with them.

After watching the first two chapters of the E book we decided to have dinner.
Both of us were puttering and all of a sudden I had the thought of Energy Lines!
I thought okay…..then it came to me that the world is full of more energy lines than we know about! With these energy lines the animals (land, water and air) get around.
They follow these lines and when these lines are disturbed the animals can
go off track!
They use the energy lines for migration, food etc.

I was in Port Alberni which is a beautiful port city on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and I decided to go to the water’s edge to do a communication with any animals that wanted to chat. I was hoping for a glimpse of Giggles who is a whale that is a friend and so much fun to talk to……
Instead, that day, I did receive a quick message from Giggles but I also spoke to several animals in the area and they had profound messages for everyone.

The communication is a long one and so I will save that for another day but I will share with you come fun information that I have received.

I was going along recently and all of a sudden the word Starfish came to my mind. This is what I received;

Starfish, they are the stars in the oceans, like the stars in our night skies.
Starfish are guardians.
The message that I received from one starfish was;” We are like the stars in your night sky…. as you look at the stars in the night sky, you smile and when people see us, they smile “.
Ambassadors! We Are!!!
Be of Joy!
A feeling of warmth – a hug all over, feel buoyant, water is a blanket to hug.
Dolphin energy ROCKS!

We feel your energy – Send love, live with love.
Seaweed is sea garland, used for celebration of life!

In talking to a few people we all feel that the topic of the energy
Lines are important, and the repeated message, from ALL, is to send love, send healing energy, together we can heal 🙂